Unusual and Selfish


We human beings have various kinds emotions, feelings and expressions. We may feel excitement, happy, sad or boring with the past, present and coming up incidents. Some of us have our mind full of devil and some with God’s nature. Likewise unusual and selfish behavior are also a part of our life.

People feel unusual when they see or feel new things in their life. It creates some sort of feelings as excitement, interested or scary. As we can take the example of some people who usually gets overwhelmed/amazed by viewing or knowing the external world or the world which belongs to them own. They never try to get into the deep reason behind the secrets of our life. They just hover round the circumstance. As soon as their excitement rises, it sets suddenly within some sort of time. People also feel unusual to the behavior of their own belongings. Their abnormal activities related with their psychological & physical work. But have you ever faced any such people whose unusual behavior makes you feel amazed or embarrassing?

Well right now I’m going to talk about selfish & mean people who always amazes me with their unusual psychological behavior. How unusual creature we are ? There is a different world dwells within our self . I really wanted to see his/her inner world, is he from the outer world or has got the supernatural power. Who are we, are we the children of God or Devil? Where do we come from? Till now there is no exact proof for the origin of human beings. The rituals say we are the creation of God and the scientists say we took birth in this world from a tiny bacteria, Amoeba.

As being a human being we all have same skin, the only difference is color. We all have same blood i.e. red, but possess the behavior even worse than animals. We feel proud to be called humans, the reason behind this might be we call our self social animals, we like changes around us and we have got the brain to use. But why people always try their best to pull down others ? Instead of helping each other they just sit behind and back bite those who wanted to do something new and change the surrounding for a good reason. I’m always shocked to see these kinds of people, do they did it for their pleasure? I ‘m not sure. Even if we try to clear the matter but found them to be more mysterious. They never try to understand the positive change but just keep on walking their one way track. Its our human nature that we always wanted to reach at the top and stay there forever. There are so many good ways to do so but why those creep try their best to block the way. Why can’t people live a life full of happiness? why can’t they do something good for others? can’t they think with their own mind? can’t they have the sense of responsibility to others?

Everywhere I found these people with uncertain characters. So lets not waist out precious time mazing around those creatures, they are really creepy and persistent. Is this what we call the world of human beings full of mysterious creatures, who neither belong to wild life nor social. Once they get after you they’ll stick with you as glue. But we must be clear on our destination and be able to face them too. If people are selfish & mean to achieve their goal without hampering others then its okay and appreciable. But found those people at the potential stage neither alive nor death, as Zombies. So beware of those zombies, they are very dangerous &fearful. Rather listening to those creatures step ahead, don’t ever let them to spoil your world. They are the virus of our lives. Always carry an updated anti-virus with you so that you can easily defuse them.

If you know who you are & what are your potentialities then it won’t be harder for you to get your destination. But if you keep you mind on unnecessary activities then that day is no more far to say-“Once I was this& my wish was that?”. So I’m requesting for all, please don’t harm others or even don’t try to interfere on others progress. If you really wanted to be as them then follow the principles laid by those who have progressed or create your own clear vision to reach the destination. If you can’t respect others then you don’t have the right to disgrace them too. If you can’t change your evil attitude then stay where you are coz you are the creature who do not belong to this world? your life is meaningless. So if you want your life full of joy, prosperity and happiness then at first you should be able to respect own, respect others, love your parents, friends & the work you do. Then only you would be able to reach your destination. You’ll be as superior as that moon, which brightens more among those millions & billions of stars.

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