Happy Mothers Day

Mother, a divine word which soothes all the pains and sorrowsDivine_Mother_&_Baby_krishna at once. ‘Mother’ is the word  recalled automatically when someone falls down or have an immediate accident. For all those livings, Mother is the most precious one who take care of her babies full of love which is highly appreciated. The unconditional love of Mother is special for human beings as well as  for all those animals and birds. As birds search for food and fly all day long just to feed their babies. Whenever some one tries to hurt an animal’s baby, its their Mother who risks her life and stands in front of their babies to give protection. Mother is the Goddess, savior and an angel. Mother can sacrifice her millions of dreams just to delight her baby. Mother is the one who keeps the baby nine months inside her lap and finally give birth. So no one can pay nor buy such a devotional love on earth. One should always be grateful to their Mother. The Meaning of mother in words is not enough to describe. The world is able to exits till today by the plentiful of sacrifice and unconditional love of mother. There is no possibility of life on earth without mother.  No one can pay the credit for the love of mother. One should love own mother full of care and always be there for her.

Mother is Goddess of land, she has the enormous patience to look after her babies. There is no any such love which can be compared with the love of mother. Childrenbrid feeding must respect their mother and that is the foremost duty of all their lives. Thus, to do this duty the Nepalese society celebrate Mother’s Day every year of Baisakh, in the day of Matriaushi. On this very day those having mothers give their mothers sweets, new clothes and other valuable gifts. For those who have no mother they go to the temple of Mata Tirtha of Thankot, situated at the west corner of Kathmandu Valley. Those taking bath in the pond believe their dead mother’s soul get deliverance. The people also believe taking bath in the holy pond gets peace and prosperity in their lives. Myths also mentioned that the holy pond was the seventh incarnation of Lord Bishnu. The pond has its own story of being religious holy place. Once Lord Bishnu happens to visit the place Mata Tirtha, thinking him an enemy, the villagers attacked him immediately. All of sudden, there was a huge war between Lord Bishnu and the villagers. Meanwhile, Goddess Sita (wife of Ram, Lord Bishnu) couldn’t tolerate her thirst. After searching everywhere they find no any sign of a single drop of water. Finally Lord Bishnu have to call Goddess Ganga (Goddess of Water) on the land. On the very moment, Goddess Sita saw the entire universe in the same pond. It is believed since that day her face resembles on the stone of that pond. In ancient time there used to be a huge forest. Once a group of cow herds were having lunch near the bank of the pond. One of the cow herd saw his mother’s face in the pond as he denies to return home. He wanted to take his dead mother back with him. He couldn’t take his mother back so he wished to stay with her but the mother ask him to visit the place every Baisakh ( first month of Nepali new year). Since that very day, every year lots of followers visit the holy place.

Those who pleases their mothers need not enough worshipping of God. It is gaining of thousand times more virtue. The love of mother is incomparable to any such wealth and properties. Mother should be placed at the top. Mother is the source of inspiration. Growing up under the shade of mother is like living in heaven. That’s why one should not fail to respect or underestimate mother. They must not raise voice against their mother and hurt her feelings. Listen what mother says because they always wishes their children to be good, honest and successful. Without mother no one can survive on this earth. Lets celebrate and  enjoy this very day full of joy and happiness. Lets make each and everyday a mother’s day.

Finally, just want to say- “When I need someone to make me laugh, to help me to figure out things, or just keep me company. you were there, thanks for being such a loving and caring mom to me”.

Happy Mother’s Day….


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