Feel Nature

A Bird is flying back to its destination,
Being tired and eagerly to meet its babies, newly born.
Ah! look those dim red light of sun is saying good bye to this day,
The slowly moving black cloud is warning of rain.
The smooth and fresh air is sweeping away the tiredness,
Trees are whispering with each other on the blowing of cool air,
Sharing their happiness, anxieties & sorrows being fair.
It’s getting blur & even dark,
I can hear sweet whispering of birds and dogs’ bark.
Wow! what a pleasant moment I’m having, I really enjoy this.
The half moon is brightening as its only the star in the sky,
I want to talk with this tree,
Feel the dim red light of the sun,
Touch the moon & fly in the air, just fly
And reach very high above the sky..

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