Merthido N Livido

Marthido and Livido are two parts of human’s life. These days people are pushing themselves towards Marthido, means darkness. Marthido always makes people to run after their own life. But instead of life, they are running towards death. People are selfish, mean & rude by nature. They believe in self service. As we can take the example of a hindu myth, “Mahabharata”, where there is a clash between Pandavs & Kauravs. Though Kauravs were more powerful & intelligent in comparison to Pandavs but they were always after Marthido, that’s the main reason for causing the death of all Kauravs. Even Pandavs were also to some extend Marthido, but they were ready to accept the challenge and their death too, means Livido.
In Livido, people are more generous with positive attitude. They try their best to think for the sake of others welfare. They do not waste their time on teasing and back biting others. Livido makes people to do unconditional love with each other. For instance, the Demon Jalandhar, who is very much powerful than the supreme God, Lord Shiva. All the Gods are scared of the demon. No one knows the reason for him becoming such a powerful than the supreme one. He has become supreme of all Gods and Devils. Finally Bishnu, God of peace & truth dig out the reason behind the demon having such enormous power. He came to a surprising conclusion that the source of the supreme power of the demon was blessed by no any Gods or Goddess but his own wife’s unconditional love. It’s the demon’s wife who was increasing the power of the demon with her unconditional love.
So it depends upon own whether to choose Merthido or Livido. As Merthido will lead people towards darkness whereas Livido to enlighten. Livido makes people to face death with courage and Merthido makes the people coward. Even the demon symbolizes cruel, evil or Merthido but with unconditional love it makes him more courageous, powerful & enlighten one.  Livido makes human a real hero. Livido helps to have victory over death. Lets share love with all. Livido is a way to new life. with love one can turn sand to gold.

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