Ocean of Sorrow

This world is the ocean of sorrow. The sufferings of the life is an live evidence of it. Have you ever thought of sorrow or pain? Where does the sorrow exists?  The pain that hurts the body is not sorrow but the pain which hurts the heart is the real sorrow. Sorrow is an incident occurred in the level of heart. If one is able to dig out the roots of sorrow from own life then that is a sort of success. If one does expect to heal the heart from pain then he/she must have the knowledge of diverting the sorrow on owns will. That can be only possible through meditation, yoga & concentration. The inner pain and sorrow is reflected only in the curtains of imagination. Every one wanted to live a life free from all the worries. For that one has to enter inside the world of spiritualism, searching for own identity. Until the internal problem is not solved, one can’t even face the external problem of surrounding. People always try to escape away from their problems. They must know one will stand from the same floor where he falls. Every solution for the different problems is with in the problem itself. The only difference is how do people tackle with it. Always think twice about the possibilities of your deeds. Never just take the things as it is so. Never let the situation to handle you instead handle the situation. Delete the word “GIVE UP” from your mind’s dictionary. Have an positive attitude of win win and just win. Believe in own mind, heart and soul. Try to interact with your mind. Don’t just fly in thoughts coz it’ll take you far away from reality. Take the past as a lesson, try to live at present for better future.


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