Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York, on January 30, 1882 and died on April 12, 1945 A.D. He was the first President of USA whom had become continuous President for four years in the history of USA.  He was very lucky for electing as the President for four times because after that the law of the country allow an individual to elect President only for twice. In 1921 August Franklin’s both legs were paralyzed. He can’t move the half of his body parts. He  was already a famous politician, rich man & also well-educated. Though he has the supreme power of education, wealth & place but they are penniless in front of his  disease. He got a vast change in his life after he suffered from paralysis.

In nature there are two rules, one is general/ordinary rule and another is exceptional. Most of the people are standing on general rule but few on exceptional. No matter how hard they try to stand on exceptional rule but with the lack of knowledge one will fall back to general rule. General rule means a common life full of competition, selfishness, incomplete & unsuccessful. One can follow the exceptional rule of the nature which is found no where but within own mind. For the exceptional rule one should find out the way with their own effort. It’s the time to change in life and follow the exceptional rule which was already followed by Roosevelt. Delano tried his best to find out new ways to heal paralysis but he couldn’t. He has various appointments with renowned Doctors & also had expensive medicines but none of any have a single effect on the disease. He left taking those medicines. Lastly, he found out a solution. In Georgia, he found a stream of hot water & had heard that the water could heal his disease. Therefore, he went to the stream and started to swim everyday in the stream as far as he could. He did not give up his hope and keep on swimming for months until he got the success. Now he had a surprising change in his life. He can walk with the help of walking stick. Slowly & gradually he can walk as normal people. Then after he became the Governor of the state and again selected for President in 1932 A.D. The Americans were falling from every sector although they were suffering from unemployment, poverty, war & terror. The condition was much worse than the present Nepal. Everyone knows sun rises with the new light after it sets. Like wise, Roosevelt rises as  the green pupil tree in the barren desert and took over the nation.

In this human world an ordinary man without any obscene, either psychologically or physically cannot meet their goal but even being paralyzed Roosevelt ruled the nation. He developed the country in such a way that today the country is able to introduce itself at the top the world. He first made the people to trust on self and increases the level of self-confidence. Then he choose the active key persons from his opponent parties for the post of different government sectors. He gave equal opportunities to all his opponent parties. He first involve the unemployed man power in different construction works as constructing vehicular roads. Then onwards, he made the people to plant trees in various places of the country. Every day we can see & hear the news of development activities about America.

Roosevelt was able to raise up the poor & weak country to the most powerful nation of the entire world. Roosevelt being paralyzed was able to develop the entire nation. One must learn many lessons from him. Most of the people having both legs and hands are still inactive and their brain stay still on the same place. They give less pressure to their mind and stay passive as if their brain has really been paralyzed. Roosevelt with his vision was able to save the nation and his people from the Second world war. He was successful to protect the country from the cruel claws of Hitler. He made his people to think about the worst condition of their life and says “Today or Tomorrow we all have to die, Some may die pleasantly and some with pain. I fear that we might be the victim of this whirl”. It was risky for him to go out of the country during world war but he does not care about the consequences and went out of the country during such critical condition of world war. He never takes time on taking decisions. If he made some mistake then immediately he correct his mistakes and manage it properly.

So if someone criticizes you then its good for you, if they don’t then you won’t be counted among those alive ones. Be ready to face criticisms while doing some courageous work and to do such work sometimes you have to your butts off too.


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  1. V.E.G.
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 22:25:10

    By the Glory of God, FDR is the one of the best presidents! Roosevelt’s distant cousin is Paul Hull Husted, best known as Paul Julian, the Road Runner Guy! Meep-Meep!


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