Who am i ?

I don’t have any identity of my own,

They say you are a boy and a son,

All those rubbish are just to be shown,

That then no more.

One says I’m a God, another says I’m a devil,

Nobody knows what my identity is?

They just view the appearance and entitle me with civil or evil,

Ha! how foolish they are?

One can’t justify my identity just viewing me, so far.

Today this world tells me this and tomorrow that,

How easily they hang a chevron on my neck?

Stop throwing these cheap strips on me for God sake.

Though thousands of people strip my soul into splinters.

But still I fail to represent myself as I, among those poisonous stingers.

Am I belong to alias, given by unknown person or have my own?

What an adulterate and unusual world is this?

Just to have own identity I’m living departing with peace.

Where are you? Where are you man (identity)?

I need you, right here and now,

So that I could seal those faking mouths, forever….


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