Devil Inside Me

I’m a devil within own,

I’m a murderer, a hunter & a gory.

Killed own feelings- patience, pity & passion.

The uncertain activation of this act is full of abnormality.

If this two pound brain rolls up then the show begins,

The whole situation is under the control of this shit.

Nose breathing full of anger began to run,

Negative attitude raises up with extreme heat.

Mostly it attacks on prey & sometimes on innocents.

Somehow I deserve satisfaction by giving physical/psychological torture.

But later on in fresh mood, I came to realize what a mess I’ve done?

Even though I found the beast sticking within this mind and soul.

Waiting for a delicious victual & searching for a subservience,

Grabbing the opportunity, controlling the time and intending to raid, blindly.

But I don’t know who’ll be the next victim that I’m going to howl.

This is how the devil controls me and my emotions.

Nevertheless, I to some extend possess Apollonian attitude,

But the misfortune is that the world itself rotates in negative direction.

That’s why this devil is still inside me, totally alive but unknown..

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