Lucky, A pet dog

Hi! everybody this is me lucky, a small pup. I was born in the season of spring. I have a big family of ten members including me. We were all hybridized offsprings, my mother is an Alsatian and my father is a Grey-hound.   Most of the time I enjoy playing with my brothers and sisters. We are living in our Mom’s master house. He has taken a good care of my Mom. It was hard for him to look after all of us. So he decided to sell us in the market. I’m so much worried and I can’t eat nor sleep coz I don’t want to leave my Mom in any cost. One day it was raining heavily, a stranger with huge body came to visit our master and talked for a while. He took the stranger to us and showed my brothers and sisters randomly. I was thinking he might be the customer who is willing to buy. In no time my master grabs me in his hand and showed to that stranger. The stranger see me very carefully and finally says yes to deal. I’m sold at a reasonable price. I was kept inside a box and tied the box in the stranger’s bike. I was alone away from my loving and caring mother and of course my brothers and sisters. I’m just a month, I need lots of milk to drink but I couldn’t. 

It was raining heavily. The light and the thunder makes the weather so horrible. I was shaking  and freezing. When the bike reach to its destination I feel some comfort with the irregular movement of the bike. The man took me out of the box. As I saw a big white house in front of me, then I thought this is the place where I have to spend the rest of my life. Altogether there were four members in the family, a tall guy, other two were female and the stranger himself. They gave me milk for the first time in that house. Thinking it as my mother’s milk I drank it all but I wasn’t aware of the fact that is of cow. But it taste like my own mother’s. After drinking I feel comfort, energetic and began to inspect the surrounding. I have made these humans my guardians and try to imitate their behavior. I tried to stand on two legs but its hard. They usually fetch me thrice a day with random members. They also had made me a home of wooden box where I could sleep properly. As I’m still young and couldn’t walk properly so they carry me with the box. I’m just an animal, I like to live wild. I don’t know the rules and regulation of humans’. So I did toilet wherever I would like to. I used to cry a lot at night because I’m afraid of darkness. The young guy used to play with me a lot. Though he is huge but his behavior is just like as of a kid. He loves me more and fetch me lot. He carries me on his hand and took me outside the home. I interact with him much, so I made him my good friend in comparison to other members. The old woman used to frighten me lot. She talks in such a loud voice that I can’t afford it. As she talks then I used to run away from her. She also used to kick my butt if I do toilet in their bed room. I’m unaware of the rules and regulation of the humans’ so I did whatever I like to. I don’t even understand their language. I was able to understand them by their expression. The language they speak is tough as Chinese and Japanese. In the same way they also didn’t understand my feelings.  Even though I want to speak but I can’t as they do. I enjoy the outside world instead of home. So I try to convince them a lot to take me outside. But they thought me to hungry and cover my saucer with food. In this way my life moves on.

Now, I think I’m little bit matured & grown up so my mind wants to explore new things. Lots of questions are emerging in my mind about the outside environment. So I did escape away from the home and run anywhere I like. I smelt the fresh plants, grass and the cool air too. This is what I want, freedom. I gets intoxicated with the smell of meat and egg. I can’t control myself & ask for more. But they didn’t understand me very well and fetches me with vegetables. Generally my master used to play with me lot. He used to wear leather gloves and let me bite his fingers. One day he took me to a new place far away from home. I saw greenery and open fields. It was a new experience for me. I run fast searching for new smells. I couldn’t run fast so I sat under a shade. My master carried me in his hand till I wasn’t fully recovered. He loves me so much. As I run away from home, he used to run after me. If he doesn’t find me, he usually gets upset. But I began to love the home so wherever I go, I soon return home unannounced. I bite my master’s toe while we were playing. All of sudden blood rolls out from the part I bite. He shouts and frightens me in such a way that I’ve never seen him being so rude to me. I was hurt so I didn’t eat nor drink well. The next day he came in front of me. I thought he’s going to repeat the same behavior but I guess wrong. He wanted to play with me. As soon as I saw his smiling face then I thought that he forgave my mistake and again began to play with him as usual.

My master bought a new belt for me. I don’t know what’s the purpose of that belt. My master tie my neck with that belt. It makes me uncomfortable and I feel like the slave. My freedom is gone. I have to move under my master’s guidance. It was like he’s controlling me with a remote control. I’m just a robot controlled by remote. Whenever my master gives command then I’ve to do it so. I’m tied up even inside the home. May be they wanted to make me little more civilized than other street dogs. I enjoy chewing and tearing down the clothes, bonds and other hard things. I might sound like I’m a destructive animal but I’m not. The reason behind doing such an unusual behavior is that my tooth are growing faster. My tooth itches me lot as to get relief I’ve to do so. I and my master used to play chasing game. I chase my master and he runs. I feel like I’m the hunter and my master is the pray. I enjoy this kind of game a lot. My master is very much easy so as he comes to me I immediately invites him to join the game again. Even though I think myself caged and trapped but they never made me to feel so. Instead they always treat me as their own family member. My life shall be different if I was not sold. I might live the life as of other street dogs. I might have lots of friends from street and might sleep with them. I might have to search for food in the heap of garbage. I might suffer from viral diseases. Fortunately, I am having a healthy life. Hey! I also have a name as human does. Others might have only one name but I got three. The young mistress gave me a name, “DAY-G”,  my young master calls me “LUCKY” and the elder master calls me “FUCHHAI” a typical Nepali name of boys.  I feel lucky in comparison to my street friends.

Finally, I’m matured enough. I feel as I have the tremendous power. I am strong enough to protect the house. I dislike strangers and other dogs who doesn’t belongs to my territory. I wish to grab them and tear into pieces. I feel myself the security guard of the entire home.  If any one throws an evil eye on my master’s home then I lose my temper. Beware strangers, don’t ever dare to think roam around the house. My Master is calling me now, I got to go and its my dinner time. I’m starving and wanted to have some deep sleep in my cozy bed. If any interesting things happens then I’ll share with you ok. Till then good night, sweet dreams and stay safe…

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