Honesty is the best policy

There is a quote in English “Honesty is the best policy”, which means well behaving and thinking wise to all. This quote was of very long time. These days modern people have changed this quote into “Honesty is still the best policy”. People dream of becoming famous, successful and powerful in their lives. The main formulae of being supreme is only honesty. Dishonest people can also be successful and powerful but can’t remain in the same place and status forever. The life of dishonest people is just like as a match stick, means less pleasant and long-lasting pain. But honesty worth less pain and long-lasting pleasure in life. Dishonest people heads towards fall and honest people always rises up.

People trying to live at present and do not care about the upcoming future and take the sudden decision will lead them to incomplete and unsuccessful in their lives. In this world only one percent are the most supreme than others. One can reach the level of superior as those people who have reached at the top of the world. For that one must digest any kind of pain and sorrows that falls upon them. Without preparing to face any kind of problem and seeking for pleasure will lead to darkness. Billions of  people might have the same question When we would be able to live, free from all those worries and tensions? They take their problem as an impossible case. But one does not dare to think that as soon as a problem arises, the key to solve the problem is within itself. They never try to seek the causes of their pain. For those who see their problems as an opportunity, they can enjoy any kinds of obstacles and they are always ready to fight till they win the battle.

To elaborate the quote  lets discuss about an American citizen, John Zen De Laurie, who was born in 1925, Detroy.  This city was famous for its huge manufacturing industries of Motor cars. This city was also known as Motor Car Town. It’s natural people from that city to read the mechanical engineer, so did john. He graduated his study and had become a professional mechanical engineer. Then he thought of establishing his own car factory. He got success within 1980. He maximizes his profit with his devotion, hard work and dedication to his work. He sold all his shares in the market. He became popular all over the country. One day The British Government appeal him to work for their country. The government also provided him billions of capital with lots of facilities. He went to Northern Ireland and started to work for the British Government. But his mind started think selfish so instead of investing the huge amount of capital for British Government, he invested all the amount in his own native land. Rather than establishing the factory for British Government, he thought of establishing in his own country. He bought a land and started to import materials required for the factory. The British Government came to know about his betrayal. They requested American Government to seal all his factories. As he was found guilt and they did so. John was helpless, the banks were not eager to offer him loan nor he had another way to get rid out of this problem. Somehow he managed the amount to pay British Government and again proposed them to work with him. The British Government also thought of giving him a chance and accepted the proposal. But the very next day he got caught and sentenced in prison. The reason John behind prison was he managed the amount by selling cocaine. Thus, he committed the crime and sentenced in prison. He never rises up again.

If he had used his knowledge and skill at a correct place then he would have deserved a huge success in his life. He became mean and selfish. He couldn’t even compete with his opponent Henry, who was also one of the leading milestone of car factory. One should always keep in mind that robbing a horse is also a crime and stealing vegetables without permission is also a crime. Crime does not say big or small. So investing Government’s money illegally was a crime and to hide that crime he committed another crime of selling cocaine. One of a Nepali Ambassador to America, once was found stealing a book and fired him from Embassy forever. That results him to face lots of shame and was not able to show his face to the world.

People do mistakes of hiding their previously done mistakes. They add the misery in their personal life with own misdeed. As to hide one mistake they keep on committing more mistakes which finally results them to sink down and not rise up. One who does so couldn’t give a smile to others, instead anxiety and pain are always surrounding to them. One couldn’t even speak properly. Their heads would be bowed down. As to escape from their problem, one will intoxicate himself with alcohol, burn own with cigarette and play cards and finally lead to death. So when any kind of work done then one should always take the advantage without hampering others then only people will be successful in their life.

One day Lord Buddha was preaching to the local villagers. A thief ran to him and asked “My Lord, till now I’ve robbed hundreds of houses but no one knows that I’m a thief, so is my deed a crime?”. Lord Buddha suddenly replied “Then do you know that you are a thief?, Have you asked this question to yourself first? If you know that you are a thief then you always have to continue your life with dissatisfaction and irritation with own life and this will track you down until you won’t realize you are doing wrong”. So to live a happy and peaceful life, be honest to own and others as well. One will not need any alcohol, cigarette and cards to live their life. If we are honest to all then our life is as of that lion, who never learns to bow down instead he walks with pride.


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  1. Bishal Rangrishas Rai
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 15:32:05

    Ya living with honours adds something meaning to our life.


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