Increase the Size of an Existing Partition Into Unallocated Space in Windows XP


If your primary partition is not utilizing the full capacity of your hard drive, you can expand that partition using the included DiskPart utility. Windows XP does not support shrinking the partition, so before doing so you must be sure you want to expand the partition to consume all unallocated, available space left on the drive. Executing is just a matter of entering a few commands in the command line.


1. Select “Run…” from the Windows “Start” menu, type “cmd” and hit “Enter.” This opens the Command Prompt.

2. Type “diskpart.exe” in the Command Prompt window and hit “Enter” to launch the DiskPart utility.

3. Type “list volume” and hit “Enter” to list all connected drives. Make note of the volume number of the partition you’d like to extend.

4. Type “select volume #” (replacing with the actual number) and hit “Enter.”

5. Type “extend size=?MB” (where ?MB equals the number of megabytes you’d like to extend the partition by) and hit “Enter.” If you’d like to extend the partition to take up the entire space, simply type “extend” and hit “Enter.”

6. Type “exit” once the command completes, and quit the Command Prompt utility. The drive will now make use of the previously unallocated space.


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