15 steps to speed up windows Xp


1. Delete any un-used icons on your desktop

2. Run Disk cleaner software (www.ccleaner.com)

3. Defragment the hard drive with AusLogics Disk Defrag (www.auslogics.com/disk-defrag/)

4. My computer>Right click on C:\>properties>Un-check Allow (Indexing service to index this disk for fast file search)

5. Right click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced Tab>Performance>Settings>Adjust for best performance

6. Start>Run>msconfig>startup tab (Uncheck all programs you’re sure that’s you don’t need)

7. Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup

8. Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs (Remove all of the programs you don’t need)

9. IE users: Tools>Delete Browsing History>Delete all / Firefox users: Tools>Clear Private Data> Check all boxes

10. Start>Run>Regedit>+HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>+SYSTEM>+CurrentControlSet>+Control>+Session Manager  (+Memory Management>Click on “Prefetch Parameters”>Double click on “Enable Prefetcher”>Change “Value:” from 3 to 5

11. Start>Run>Regedit>+HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>+SYSTEM>+CurrentControlSet>Click on “Control”  Double click on “WaitToKillServiceTimeout”>Change “Value Data:” to 20000

12. Start>Run>Regedit>+HKEY_CURRENT_USER>+Control Panel>Click on “Desktop”  On your right double click on “WaitToKillAppTimeout”>Change “Value Data:” to 1000

13. Start>Run>msconfig>BOOT.INI>Check/NOGUIBOOT>Apply

14. Start>Run>Regedit>+HKEY_CURRENT_USER>+Control Panel>Click on “Desktop” On your right double click on “MenuShowDelay”>Change “Value Data:”to Zero 0

15. Start>Run>Regedit>+HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>+SYSTEM>+Current>Click on once on Contenlndex,  on your right double click on “StartupDelay”>Check the Decimal Bubble>Under “Value Data:” type in 40000



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