A smile a day, keeps Doctor away

Just now western Scientist submitted a report on heart disease. The report was breath-taking. People might have confusion about the most dangerous disease in the world. Some might claim HIV/AIDS, the most dangerous disease and some might claim cancer as the most dangerous disease. But according to the report of scientist it has claimed that heat disease is one of the most dangerous disease all over the world. And it’s a shocking news that America comes in first place to have suffered from heart diseases. America is the powerful country and has been able to dominate the world in the field of education, technology and power. But still they are unable to cope with this disease. Many scientists have done kinds of researches and experiments to cut this disease.

Christiaan Neethling Barnard (November 8, 1922 – September 2, 2001) was a South African cardiac surgeon who performed the world’s first successful human-to-human heart transplant. Before that no one has ever imagined about such a miraculous treatment. He is a high skilled cardiac surgeon and for that one needs deep concentration while doing such operations. A minor mistake might lose the patient’s life but in his life time he has never done any such mistake. He has learnt yoga classes from Indian yoga schools. He mainly focuses on Siddhasana and if one does practice this yoga daily then its sure no any heart related disease will attack.

yoga-asanaYoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India. The goal of yoga, or of the person practicing yoga, is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. There are so many yoga asana and have their own importance according to its use. Among them Mudra Yoga or the science of gestures of the hands and fingers is very much effective for maintaining blood pressure and can sure heart diseases too. For the beginners this method might be uncomfortable but the continuous practice of this method will definitely help the people to get rid of various diseases. For instance, An axe is a small weapon used to cut down trees. If a tree is hit once then it’ll make a small wound but the continuous hitting of the axe at the same place definitely makes the tree to fall. In the same way, Mudra Yoga will be more effective if only practiced continuously. Laughing therapy is also one of the most effective method to get rid of heart diseases. If an individual is able to laugh for at least 15 minutes a day then its sure to stay way from plague. These day people have access to all the facilities but they lack happiness, love and are unable to smile. As result they pay lots of dollar just to make own laugh. Many people are living a life of living dead. As rehealthy_heartsult many people around the world are dying untimely. If one does expect to live longer then at first his heart must be healthy, for that one has to enjoy his living and laugh as much as he can. The very renowned rulers as Late king Mahendra, King Birendra and the President Bill Kinton, they all have something in common i.e. they all suffer from heart disease. Though they have power, prestige and prosperity but non of them works in front of this heart disease. Late king Mahendra died due to heart attack and the President Bill Kilton has gone through various treatment for this disease.

No one on this earth wants to die early. All life on this earth is very much precious. Thus, one must have a healthy heart to live longer. These day people are running after power, prestige and prosperity (3Ps) sacrificing their health. People think that money can buy all the happiness of this world. People are squandering health in search of wealth and once they suffer from severe heart disease  then again have to squander wealth in search of health. Its our human nature to run after those 3Ps but we must not neglect our health in search of wealth. If we are healthy enough then wealth can be achieved but once the health condition gets worse and wealth has to be used excessively. It’s just a loss from both side. So smile as much as you can and enjoy life in all the ways. Never compromise with health. Always be cautious on your health. Live long and a happy life. Always smile and let the world smile with you.


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