Time waits for none

As a human I took birth in this world,

I crept and wept as a child.

Sooner I grew up, a youth waxed inside me,

Everything in me was bold and strong.

I made my dream a destiny,

But wasn’t clear from where do I start from.

I tried to run with this changing surrounding,

My life moves on with many ups and downs.

As the seashore changes its shapes with waves,

I am changing myself to sustain and survive.

I was single, found a bride and ready to get mingle,

Life was something different than usual.

But a new world doesn’t lasts for a couple of years,

Unlimited desires with limited source of income.

A lot more frustration with increase in depression,

Hair gone grey in front of the same old mirror.

Life full of compromises and sacrifices,

But couldn’t reach my destination.

My destiny has become a nightmare.

I daily grew older and time flew sooner.

This is the curse for being a human,

Having a journey from cradle to coffin.

I would have defeated KORONOS,

If stopping a clock tick will stop the time,

But couldn’t do so.


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