Restoration of Children’s Club

It was July 1st 2013, the first month of my school. Theresto Vice-Principal(VP) wanted me to facilitate in a program, organized by one of the donor agency, LOONIVA. The VP wanted me to facilitate the restoration of children’s club. But it has to be done in a participatory way rather than traditional voting system creating biasness among the students. I hit up with a plan of conducting election by applying tools from Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The VP agreed my proposal and  we moved towards the program hall.

There were the representatives from donor agency and the students from grade 6, 7, 8 & 9. They were all eager to participate in the election process. Before I start the processIMG_1113, first I made them clear about the techniques to be followed. The representatives from the donor agency and the teachers from the school were also there to guide the students. At first the children were made to write down the name of their friends for different post from each class. Then after by applying the ranking tools they were made to give numbers for their elected friends for different posts. The numbers were collected from all the students and counted accordingly. Finally the teachers  supported me in adding the numbers.

It’s time for result. The students were excited to hear the announcement. They were eager to see their new club representatives. Then tIMG_1116he VP announced the names of the students who were elected. The result was the same as the majority had thought of. Even the students were surprised to see the result. The VP was also impressed with the techniques I’ve applied. And finally gave me loads of appreciation for the work I’ve done. The representatives from the donor agency also acknowledged me for supporting the program and also for making the election process participatory and interesting.

Jalan Maharjan
Teach For Nepal
Fellow (1st cohort)

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