The Astronauts

The AstronautsThese days my students from grade 10 would like to call themselves “The Astronauts”. In general, an astronaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crewmember of a spacecraft (source Wikipedia). Thus in the same way my students are learning to take off their journey. They are about to explore their academic universe. They all are assigned with a rocket of their own choice. They are the pilots of their own rockets. It is their duty to soar far beyond the sun.

This is the new project for my students in learning English. It01 Astronauts has been developed specially for their remedial class. The core objective of this project is to prepare themselves to pass their SLC examination at remarkable score and to shape their career as well. I have been thinking of doing something new for my students in order to make the class more interesting and fun-filled. Finally, I came up with this idea of incorporating solar system in their everyday learning. The concept was designed according to the specification grid of SLC examination. The planets were the main contents from the grid whereas moons were sub-categories of those main contents. Students have to give test after the completion of main contents. They will only be able to fly their rockets to next level if only they pass their test exam. If they fail then they have to keep on trying to pass the test and fly their rockets to next level. By this it makes them to feel the urgency of flying together with their friends. As result, they keep on trying and learning until they succeed.

02 AstronautsAfter the expedition of solar system, they will reach their final stage of giving SLC examination. Once they pass their SLC examination, subsequently, I have also included three more marvelous nebulas (diffuse astronomical object) from the galaxy that indicates their destiny towards achieving their higher education and more. Every planets from the solar system and the nebulas also includes astronomical distances in units. It also helps them to get familiar with the course content from science subject.

They have to choose their pathways to diverse academic03 Astronauts and non-academic career as studying higher education in abroad or within the country for full scholarship and taking trainings on shaping their professional development.

My students are very much eager to learn and compete to win their academic race. Students are working harder in order to reach their destination. By applying this tool, it is helping them to minimize nervousness, hesitancy and exam phobia. On the other hand, it is increasing their confidence to pass the SLC examination with vibrant and noteworthy results.


My Lucid Dream

Astral_Travel__82078_zoomThey said it’s impossible to rise up from the dusk. People criticize one who does different, one who has the enormous courage to change the surrounding environment for positive result. So am I trying to make an effort of changing the lives of those innocent children, who have never tried to see dreams of making their life excellent.

9af2aa7aca5d11e28f4222000a1fb75e_7I usually had dreams of working in rural areas full of natural beauties. I often feel like astral travel whenever I do meditation. It always tries to visualize me of serving the ones who are in need. Luckily, my profession, my deed and my vision had set a path towards my destination. I got the opportunity to join Teach For Nepal, one of the leading movement to end education inequality throughout the country, to serve the children in Shree Ganesh Secondary School-2, Dukuchhap VDC, Lalitpur District. My job wasn’t there to teach English only but to learn from them and support each06 other. As I first entered inside the classroom, I was totally shocked by seeing their academic performance. They don’t even trust their instincts. None of them could hardly speak English nor could write a single well-structured sentence. It was like a nightmare as I had never seen children in such a tragic condition in their academics. From that day onwards I made an obligation to myself that no matter whatever it takes I will definitely make the children to believe and trust them own and see a better dream in their life. Their condition wasn’t destined by faith nor confined by their birth. But it’s the educational system that is making their life worse.

I haphotove to start from the very beginning. I didn’t panic nor was restless. I started to put on my steps forward full of patience. At first they were not ready to speak a single word in English. Many of them thought it’s impossible to speak and write fluent English in any form. They were scared of the subject matter; they thought it to be a nightmare. But on continuous motivation and push-ups, they started to write some few creations in English. I applied different techniques (classroom culture, role plays, drama (link available) birthday chart, smiley and grumpy record, sharing of wishes &  many more) to make the childrencomparative situation analysis_result familiar with the English as a secondary language not a subject itself. I wasn’t sure about the result but kept on pushing students to climb on to the success. As the time moves on the first terminal examination had begun. The result wasn’t satisfying. Though it’s totally unfair to judge the children’s intelligence on seeing their academic result but I took it as an indicator to track them. We all discussed collaboratively about the feebleness that we are facing and tried to regain the track towards the victory. The result for the second terminal examination was quite upgraded in comparison to previous.  In this way I am learning from them and recovering as Rozer Fritz’s- Bounce Back and Win.

Children hfolding poemave developed the habit of expressing their feelings through journals & poems. They were being given different project works, tasks and assignments. Later I introduced them a new form of writing “My Lucid Dream”, in which they have to scribble down every incident that they were able to recall from their dreams. By this they have increased their memory retention, concentration, self-reliance and developed their writing habit as well. I have my lucid dream that one day all my students will not only secure good results in their academics but will definitely lead the nation through different genre of living. For this I have to do more in order to sharpen the rough edges. This isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning of the journey of My Lucid Dream.


Restoration of Children’s Club

It was July 1st 2013, the first month of my school. Theresto Vice-Principal(VP) wanted me to facilitate in a program, organized by one of the donor agency, LOONIVA. The VP wanted me to facilitate the restoration of children’s club. But it has to be done in a participatory way rather than traditional voting system creating biasness among the students. I hit up with a plan of conducting election by applying tools from Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The VP agreed my proposal and  we moved towards the program hall.

There were the representatives from donor agency and the students from grade 6, 7, 8 & 9. They were all eager to participate in the election process. Before I start the processIMG_1113, first I made them clear about the techniques to be followed. The representatives from the donor agency and the teachers from the school were also there to guide the students. At first the children were made to write down the name of their friends for different post from each class. Then after by applying the ranking tools they were made to give numbers for their elected friends for different posts. The numbers were collected from all the students and counted accordingly. Finally the teachers  supported me in adding the numbers.

It’s time for result. The students were excited to hear the announcement. They were eager to see their new club representatives. Then tIMG_1116he VP announced the names of the students who were elected. The result was the same as the majority had thought of. Even the students were surprised to see the result. The VP was also impressed with the techniques I’ve applied. And finally gave me loads of appreciation for the work I’ve done. The representatives from the donor agency also acknowledged me for supporting the program and also for making the election process participatory and interesting.

Jalan Maharjan
Teach For Nepal
Fellow (1st cohort)

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